Beans soup

On a cold winter's day, a bowl of hot hearty soup is great! It can warm you up as well as nourish you. Our beans soup comes from Tuscany and it's a specialty down there. Serve it with some toasted bread and, why not, with some fresh sliced onion. 


180 minutes Total time
150 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Soak the beans overnight. Cut the vegetables into dices. Keep one onion apart. In a clay pot (if you have it, otherwise a normal saucepan will be ok), sautè your vegetables together with your legumes. Cover with 1lt. water. Add salt and cook on a low heat for 90min. Set aside for one day. Before serving it, arrange some bread slices into a clean saucepan. Pour over them your soup. Heat on a medium heat. Serve with a drizzle of extravirgin olive oil.

When serving this great beans salad, don't forget to offer your guests a good bottle of wine too. A white wine will be perfect!
Beans provide a good amount of vegetable proteins and at the same time prevent the increase of the levels of bad fatty acids and cholesterol in your blood.

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