green beans

Although in many cases green beans can be considered legumes, in reality, they can be defined as vegetables without fear, due to the fact that the pod in which they are contained is nothing other than a pod that is not ripe at the right point of the common beans. Therefore, unlike the latter, green beans are characterized by a greater concentration of mineral salts, or even fiber and, finally, also of group A vitamins: generally, green beans are used in diets with low calorie intake, or even in all those cases where it is necessary to take care of constipation.

Use in cooking

Green beans can be consumed in different ways: fresh in salads, with oil and garlic, or boiled, while those with a sweet tooth sauté them in a pan.


It is not difficult to store green beans correctly: they can be placed inside a bag, then stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of four days.


Among the various pods present in nature, green beans stand out for their very low caloric intake or, again, for the presence of vitamin A.

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