Salad niçoise

Salad niçoise is a French specialty which is now famous and loved throughout the world. It seems that initially it was a favourite dish amongst fishermen, although it didn't take long for it to appear on menus worldwide. We love it for the pleasant contrast between warm and cold ingredients, and between the crispy and tender elements. If you are planning a buffet, you can easily make a most attractive version because, despite being a very simple dish, it lends itself perfectly to elegant presentation!


30 minutes Total time
15 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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After boiling the potatoes and green beans and cutting them into chunks (leave the potatoes to cool otherwise they'll fall apart), arrange them on a large serving dish with some washed lettuce cut into strips, sliced tomatoes, black olives, tuna, anchovies, sliced sweet peppers and hard boiled eggs cut into wedges. Drizzle over extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Adjust the relative quantities of the various ingredients according to taste
As the name suggests, the niçoise salad is originally from Nice, a lovely little town on the French Riviera. From there, the recipe also took hold on the Ligurian coast of Italy where it is called 'condiglione'.

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