Basmati rice, Thai-style

This Thai-style basmati rice is perfect for satisfying your desire for a homemade ethnic dish from the East: the smell of fresh coconut and freshly prepared curry powder perfectly accentuate and enhance the flavour and crunchiness of the vegetables and freshly caught prawns. If you return from a trip to the east and you want to reproduce those far-away, magical flavours and aromas at home, try our recipe ... Remember that the success of this dish depends on cooking the rice to perfection (not by simple boiling), choosing the freshest ingredients, and mixing the spices carefully for your curry. As you get more familiar with the unusual ingredients presented here – such as coconut milk or spices, especially when cooked with basmati rice - it will open up a new world for you, and you will be inspired to try many other original Thai-style dishes. But for now ... close your eyes and let’s set off for Thailand together!


  • basmati rice 400 grams
  • king prawns 200 grams
  • mussels 500 grams
  • green beans 100 grams
  • bell peppers 40 grams
  • courgettes 40 grams
  • carrots 50 grams
  • onions 30 grams
  • coconut flour 10 grams
  • ginger
  • cloves
  • cumin
  • turmeric
  • coriander
  • pimiento
  • chilli
  • milk 250 millilitres
15 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Cut the pepper and courgette into large cubes. Cut the onion and carrot into thick slices. Peel and boil the beans in salted water. Cook the mussels in a covered pan with a little oil till they open, then remove from their shells and set aside their cooking liquid. Grind the following spices: cumin, ginger, coriander, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, paprika and chili. Stir-fry the vegetables with a little oil. Add the prawns and then the spice mixture and salt. Add the coconut flour and mix well. Finally add the milk and cook until the sauce has thickened slightly. When the basmati rice is cooked, serve with the freshly prepared, fragrant sauce.

The process of cooking basmati rice at home is as follows: take a non-stick pan and add the rice having first rinsed it in fresh water. Cover with water up to ½ cm above the level of the rise. Add a pinch of salt and cover. Turn the heat to low. As soon as the water reaches boiling point, simmer for 12 minutes. Then turn off the heat and time a further 12 minutes without removing the lid. After this period, your rice is ready, fragrant and fluffy to just the right extent, perfect for accompanying your Thai-style or other ethnic dishes.
In the supermarket you’ll find excellent basmati rice perfect for this kind of recipe. You should find written on the packet both Thai rice and/or scented basmati rice, depending on the brand. Its aroma is delicate and unmistakably Eastern. Keep a pack in the pantry and always cook it carefully, using the traditional eastern method. Don’t use it for risotto or rice salads as the result will be unsatisfactory. A curiosity in relation to curry: curry is not a single spice, but a mixture of spices. That's why not all curry tastes the same: they may be more or less spicy. To control the flavour and final outcome of your curry, just do as we suggest us in this recipe, or make a spice mixture yourself.

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