In ancient times, and particularly within Ancient Greece, honey was considered a food of the gods: this name was not attributed to it by chance, considering how honey is a food very rich in fructose, vitamins, trace minerals and also some bactericidal substances. Yellow, sugary and also reminiscent of molasses, honey is used in many recipes, is chosen as a sweetener and is often part of the diet of the little ones, even in the form of a healthier snack when combined with bread.

Use in cooking

Honey can be enjoyed by spreading it on bread, as well as it can be used as an ingredient for many desserts and, finally, it is an excellent sweetener that replaces sugar.


The storage of honey, a product that in itself inhibits the development of bacteria, must take place away from heat and sunlight.


To produce around a kilo of honey, bees are required to make around half a million flights.

Recipe list