Among the most appreciated vegetables for their lightness, healthiness and particularly limited caloric intake, we certainly include leeks, which can be eaten raw or, depending on taste, also cooked in more or less first and second courses. less garnished. From the point of view of nutrient content, leeks are composed of 90 percent water, and also contain the main vitamins, namely those of groups A, B and C, although the latter are certainly in lower concentrations than the former, where among other things, there is no shortage of mineral elements such as magnesium and potassium.

Use in cooking

It is possible to use the leek both raw and cooked, in the latter case preparing first courses based on rice and pasta, as well as for second courses based on meat.


Leeks can be stored in closed bags in the refrigerator, or alternatively, even in a cool, dark and dry cellar.


Leek is one of the most sought after and appreciated antioxidant vegetables, due to its ability to combat cholesterol and cancer.

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