Egg pasta with gorgonzola and leek sauce

There are dishes that with their ability to combine taste and smell make a unique and uncommon impression on everyone who tries them. Today’s recipe makes just such an impression: with some fresh homemade egg pasta – mouth-watering tagliolini - we then added a delicious sauce made with blue cheese and leeks, ultimately attaining a dish that, thanks to its creaminess and flavour, simply must be served hot. Have you ever prepared a dish quite so irresistible, maybe for one of those special lunches in the company of some of your foodie friends? If you follow the step-by-step advice of our chef you won’t have any trouble making this pasta recipe: let us know how much it was appreciated!


  • fresh egg pasta 150 grams tagliolini
  • gorgonzola cheese 50 grams
  • fresh cream 60 millilitres
  • leek 40 grams
  • salt
  • oil
  • pepper
10 minutes Total time
8 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Fry the leek with some olive oil and a little water until softened. Add the blue cheese to the a pan over a low flame so that it melts slowly. Add the cream to the pan until the gorgonzola and cream are integrated. Add a good grinding of black pepper and a little salt. Cook the pasta in boiling water, drain and mix with the sauce.

Egg pasta, in its original recipe does not use oil: however, we propose to add it immediately after the eggs, to obtain a mixture tastier.
Leeks are perfect for those who want to eat something light but nonetheless rich in important vitamins and minerals.

Step by step

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