Among the most delicious foods, mushrooms are certainly found: the latter can be used to prepare delicious specialties, starting from salads, then moving on to soups, pasta dishes, and meat main courses. The most common are porcini mushrooms, as well as field mushrooms, morels, chanterelles and truffles, the price of which is not always the most accessible, due to the limited availability in nature. In some cases, mushrooms can also be combined with cheeses, to obtain unique specialties, as in the case of Roquefort.

Use in cooking

Mushrooms are excellent both when eaten as a dish in their own right and as an ingredient in sauces, first or second courses, based on meat, to which they give a very inviting touch of flavour.


In order to preserve mushrooms for a long time, it is possible to freeze them while, alternatively, they can be dried.


The Roman emperor Claudius was particularly fond of mushrooms and, in relation to his death, it is believed that he was poisoned by his wife Agrippina so that Nero became emperor.

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