Tagliatelle with mushroom sauce

When you have little time to devote to cooking and many mouths to feed, the response is often to panic, or at least to end up making the same old boring recipes. Today we show you how to make a scrumptious first course for the whole family, from just two very simple ingredients which are both readily available and cheap: tagliatelle with oyster mushroom and ripe cherry tomato sauce, which together create this wonderful pasta dish.


20 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Clean the mushrooms and cut them into strips. Briefly fry the garlic and parsley in little olive oil, then add the mushrooms. Cook the mushrooms for about ten minutes, seasoning with salt. Add the halved cherry tomatoes and continue to cook everything over a high heat. Cook the noodles in salted boiling water, then toss with the sauce. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkling of parsley and, if you wish, some slivers of parmesan cheese.

If you want to make this dish rather more 'refined' you could substitute porcini for oyster mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms are also known as 'elephant's ears' in Italian

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