pine nuts

In nature, pine nuts are found inside the cones of umbrella pines, and their harvest generally takes place in the period between the months of May and July, the quantity of which - in relation to the cone - is particularly limited, with a proportion of approximately 1 to 30, which can essentially be translated into one hundred grams of fruit for thirty of pine cones. Pine nuts have a very high caloric intake, especially keeping in mind that they are characterized by a notable presence of proteins and fats, as well as calcium.

Use in cooking

Pine nuts can be eaten simply as a treat, if collected directly from the pine cones, although they are generally used to create first courses such as pasta with pesto, many other sauces and, finally, particularly delicious desserts.


To best preserve pine nuts, it is necessary to place them inside a closed jar and, in the same case, they should be placed in a cool and dry place.


Pine nuts are quite expensive due to their scarcity: in fact, proportionately, to obtain one hectare of pine nuts, approximately three kilos of pine cones are needed which, to reach complete maturation, require three summers.

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