With their elongated shape and their ability to adapt to a large number of sauces with which they are seasoned, spaghetti represents one of the most widespread and appreciated types of pasta at a national level, considering how they can be prepared with clams , carbonara, amatriciana, tomato and many other variations. Spaghetti generally have a thickness of 5 mm and a cooking time ranging from 7 to 12 minutes depending on the various pasta manufacturers.

Use in cooking

The main use of spaghetti in cooking is for the preparation of first courses with or without broth: broken down they can in fact be used to prepare a soup.


Spaghetti can be stored in a cool, dark and dry place: it is very important to seal the package well.


The origin of spaghetti is controversial: according to some it is Italian, for others it is from the Middle East and, finally, according to the most accredited thesis it is Chinese.

Recipe list