Chicken 'pizza-maker's' style

We present chicken 'pizza-maker's'-style, a really simple and quick recipe. And we made it by means of a really clever trick! We used ready-peeled tomatoes that have a really amazing Mediterranean aroma and which lend themselves perfectly to making a flavourful and creamy tomato sauce. Furthermore, they have the advantage of being completely peeled and seeded. They are perfect, therefore, not only because they are tasty and have lovely firm flesh, but also because you avoid the need for any unnecessary preparation, such as peeling fresh tomatoes. White wine and oregano complete the sauce which accompanies the chicken: just a few ingredients for a wonderful recipe!


  • chicken 4 thin slices of chicken breast fillet
  • tomatoes 4 peeled tomatoes
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oregano
  • white wine for deglazing
  • plain flour for dusting with flour
  • onions a small onion
20 minutes Total time
15 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Thinly slice the onion and gently fry in a large frying pan with some extra virgin olive oil until softened but not browned. Meanwhile lightly dust the chicken with flour. When the onion is softened, add the chicken and brown on both sides. Drain the peeled tomatoes and cut into strips. When the chicken has taken on a lovely golden colour, add the tomatoes. Deglaze with the white wine. Cover and continue cooking until the chicken is cooked. Serve hot.

Always choose the best quality ingredients so that your finished dish will be even more wonderful!
Did you know that you can eat peeled tomatoes with complete peace of mind even if you suffer from coeliac disease?

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