Tomato is one of the most successful vegetables imported from America: originally from Central America to be precise, the tomato has entered the Italian recipe book in a forceful way, gaining a place of honor thanks to its taste and excellent characteristics nutritional. The tomato is in fact rich in vitamin C and, moreover, has a very low caloric intake. There are many different varieties of tomato (including the copper, the perino, the cherry, the heart of ox) and, the same, it is also consumed in different colours, starting from the bright red one, the half red and green one and finally the green one.

Use in cooking

The tomato is an absolute protagonist of Italian cuisine: it is served in salads, or used to garnish dishes and, finally, it can be cooked in many different ways, creating delicious sauces for first and second courses.


Tomatoes can be preserved in different ways: by preparing a puree, by drying them in the sun, or by using hot water and salt.


According to recent research, the tomato could play an important role in the prevention of some forms of cancer.

Recipe list