Oregano is an aromatic herb that is harvested in the period between the months of June and September, therefore fully summer, which to be used is left to dry in well-ventilated places and, therefore, packaged in jars, where it can be stored without losing its characteristic scent for more than a year. Oregano is not only tasty, but it also has a very positive influence on the digestive system and, in some cases, it is also indicated to provide some relief to diseases related to the respiratory system.

Use in cooking

There is no shortage of opportunities for using oregano in the kitchen: starting from the preparation of pizzas, then moving on to fish and meat dishes, oregano is an aromatic herb capable of making a unique contribution to dishes.


The oregano, after being harvested in the summer, is placed in an ideal place to allow it to dry: it should then be stored inside glass jars, in a cool, dark place.


Oregano, whose use is particularly widespread especially in the southern regions, was already known for its beneficial properties in Ancient Rome.

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