Fried pastry balls: struffoli

These fried short pastry balls come from Campania, (south Italy), where people used to make them for Christmas and for Carnival too. In Naples it's quite easy to find them throughout the whole year, apart from summer. In Basilicata and Puglia, other regions of South Italy, Struffoli are quite common too.


  • "00" flour 500 grams
  • sugar 50 grams
  • salt 8 grams
  • egg 4 units
  • butter 60 grams
  • White wine 50 millilitres
  • vanilla vanilla extract
  • baking powder one teaspoon of baking powder
30 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 8 persons
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Make a well in the centre of the flour, add salt, baking powder and sugar. Add eggs and butter at room temperature. Work quickly, then add white wine and vanilla. Work again adding some flour if necessary. Roll the dough into cellophane and set aside for 30 min. After that time, work the dough with your hands so as to make some long cylinders. Cut them into small pieces, that will be deep fried into oil.

Use lemon, citron and mandarin candied fruit.
This great recipe comes from Ancient Greece, and was then adopted by the Neapolitans.

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