Today we bring to the dining table all the goodness and revitalising power of the wonderful specialty zabaione. It is perfect for every occasion, especially when you have to re-charge your batteries after physical activity, or when you simply want to enjoy a tasty drink, whose origins would take more than a few words and pages to describe. To make this tasty and invigorating dessert just follow a few simple steps, with a result that will give a real treat to body and spirit even in the midst of the coldest days of winter, or maybe give a little boost to someone who is feeling a little under the weather. Who has never happened to see their grandmother in the kitchen making zabaione, just as her parents had taught her? Zabaione is above all a dish that will appeal to lovers of so-called ‘spoon desserts’, those that are prepared in a very short time and disappear just as quickly!


  • egg 2 units
  • sugar 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • marsala 20 millilitres
15 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Beat the egg yolks and sugar with an electric mixer until you have a clear and frothy foam. Add the marsala and whisk the mixture some more. Put a saucepan on a low heat with a diffuser to dissipate the heat, and pour in the custardy mixture. Keep on low heat for about 7 minutes while you continue stirring with a whisk. When the custard has taken on the desired consistency, remove from the heat and pour into a large glass or a cup. If you want to serve it cold, you'll have to mix it until it’s cooled down so as not allow the egg to separate from the marsala.

To obtain a perfect zabaione, pay attention to the temperature of the water: if it’s too high it will thicken the cream too much.
According to tradition, zabaione was accidentally invented in the 1500s by Captain Baglioni, while he was camped near Reggio Emilia. Because he had only eggs, sugar and wine at his disposal, he mixed these ingredients together and gave the resulting drink to his soldiers instead of the usual soup. The soldiers were enthusiastic, and the drink was called Zabaione (or Zabaglione), from the name of its inventor, Captain Baglioni.

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