bread crumbs

What happens when, for one or a thousand reasons, we find ourselves with stale bread at home and we don't know what to do with it, other than taking it to the pond or lake to give it to ducklings and goslings? Well, every now and then, instead of buying breadcrumbs at the supermarket, you could prepare it yourself, selecting loaves and whisks suitable for the purpose and then grinding this mixture to obtain a mixture of grains to give an extra touch to your recipes, such as, for example, good home-cooked cutlets. However, pay attention to how you use the breadcrumbs: do not save them if, during the preparation of a dish, you have a certain amount left over that has come into contact with the eggs.

Use in cooking

There are quite a few recipes in which breadcrumbs are used: in fact, they are used both in the creation of crunchy breadcrumbs and in the preparation of tasty gratin.


According to an ancient tradition, breadcrumbs can be optimally preserved by adding one or more bay leaves.


Breadcrumbs are obtained from grated stale bread: in principle, it can also be made from rusks and dry bread.

Recipe list