buffalo mozzarella from Campania

Campania is a land of dairy specialties that are certainly world-famous: in the case of buffalo mozzarella from Campania, for example, it certainly cannot be underlined that it is a delicacy that well represents the gastronomic tradition of the regions of Southern Italy. Produced from local buffalo milk, this mozzarella has a taste that conquers from the first taste, especially if appreciated in the inevitable Caprese salad or, again, enjoyed as a garnish on pizza, where it generally tends to be a little more moist pasta, giving - on the other hand - this Neapolitan specialty an unparalleled taste.

Use in cooking

It is possible to appreciate this Campania specialty in different ways: alongside it with raw ham, or alternatively, savoring it in the Caprese salad and on top of the pizza.


To properly preserve buffalo mozzarella, it is important to keep it in its buffalo milk whey in the refrigerator for a maximum of a couple of days.


The name mozzarella, from an etymological point of view, derives from the verb mozzare, that is to say, to cleanly cut a part of something.

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