The carrot is a plant native to the Mediterranean area, already known and consumed in Antiquity by the Greek and Roman peoples, although only starting from the eighteenth century is there certain information regarding the spread of its cultivation within our country: although today we usually think that carrots are orange, in reality, there are also different varieties with colors such as black, yellow, red and purple. In Italy, carrots are grown mainly in Sicily, Lazio and Emilia Romagna.

Use in cooking

Carrots can be used to prepare cold dishes, consequently being eaten raw, as it is eaten cooked in many dishes.


Carrots can be preserved in many different ways, starting from the fridge, then moving on to the freezer and even sand: they can in fact be stored under a layer of sand, without being washed, and can be preserved for months.


During Antiquity, carrots were food for animals: only thanks to the Arabs, in fact, did the habit of eating them spread among humans.

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