Among the delicacies that most conquer big and small gluttons, cocoa is certainly one of the musts in the world of sweets - and in some countries with Iberian gastronomic tradition, also in dishes based on white meat and fish - which makes everyone happy. Originally, however, this precious and highly sought after drupe only offered cocoa as it is normally known, bitter: it was Spanish monks who transformed it into something sweet, using sugar and, in combination, also vanilla. The spread of this specialty throughout the world definitively occurred during the nineteenth century.

Use in cooking

The use of cocoa in cooking is generally confined within the preparation of a large variety of desserts or, alternatively, especially in Iberian dishes, even in recipes based on white meat or shellfish.


There is no better way to preserve cocoa than to place it inside an airtight container, which in turn is stored in a cool, dry place.


Cocoa, whose value is known even today, was used by the American populations who cultivated it as an instrument of economic exchange.

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