Chocolate meringue

Are you looking for a recipe for a dessert that is truly tempting from the moment you see it appear magically on your dining table, when you finally get to appreciate and savour every nuance of taste? Well, if one agrees that with a dessert one usually reaches the apotheosis of flavour and deliciousness, how about making a meringue? And if we told you not to make it with the more normal - albeit healthy and tasty - fruit, but to replace the fruit with some luscious and irresistible chocolate? Think about it and we believe you will agree with us that it would be a really delicious dessert, where the meringue - sweet and crunchy – is married perfectly with the soft dark chocolate cream, creating a perfect combination for true connoisseurs of desserts. Don’t forget to follow our step-by-step recipe and make enough for second helpings: no one will be able to resist your chocolate meringue.


  • egg white 200g of egg white
  • icing sugar 250 grams


  • dark chocolate 250 grams
  • eggs 2 units
  • milk 3 tablespoons of milk
  • whipping cream 400 millilitres
  • cocoa 100 grams


  • meringue To taste
  • whipping cream To taste

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300 minutes Active time
Serves 6 persons
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Begin beating the egg whites and gradually add the icing sugar. Whisk until they’re very firm, then pour into a pastry sack and make a few spirals on a baking tray lined with baking parchment: bake at 60-70°C for 4-5 hours (the meringues must simply dry, not cook). Prepare the chocolate cream filling: chop up the chocolate and place it in a pan with the egg yolks and milk and melt in a bain marie. Allow it to cool, then add the beaten egg whites, stirring gently from bottom to top; add the whipped cream and sifted cocoa and mix well, stirring gently from bottom to top. When the meringues are ready and cooled, finish by adding the filling: take a spiral of meringue, fill with the chocolate cream, cover with another spiral of the meringue, then another spiral, more cream, and another spiral. Finally, decorate the cake with some of the whipped cream and some small meringues.

Don’t forget, when making meringues leave them to dry in a closed environment.
Would you like a tip to ensure that your meringue mixture is properly made? If you turn the bowl in which you beat the egg whites upside down, the meringue mixture will tend not to fall out.

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