It is not difficult to find a way to deliciously cook a vegetable that is as healthy as it is delicious such as cucumbers, related to watermelons, and which lend themselves to being eaten cold as aperitifs or even in salads, making evening dinners fresh and genuine during the summer season . However, cucumbers can also be enjoyed cooked, in soups of various types, and in any case offer a valid contribution in all those diets in which it is necessary to limit caloric intake, keeping in mind that they are particularly rich in water and potassium, in addition to which there is also a reduced amount of vitamin C.

Use in cooking

Cucumber-based preparations are different: in principle, they are eaten raw in salads of all kinds, as well as in aperitifs, while they can also be enjoyed cooked if they are served in soups with other vegetables.


You can store cucumbers directly inside the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator, for a period of several days.


Cucumbers are also renowned for being ideal for skin care: in fact, they are ideal as after-sun or even for softening and hydrating dry skin.

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