Tabbouleh is a well-known middle-eastern recipe even in Italy, where it is made especially during hot weather or for a standing buffet or picnic with friends. It is an ethnic recipe which you might say has some similarities to Italy’s rice salad. If you happen to travel to Lebanon, Jordan or Syria you will undoubtedly get the chance to try tabbouleh. However, while you are waiting to go to the middle east, , you can make your own personal tabbouleh following our recipe. Today bulgur wheat - the main ingredient of tabbouleh - is found in almost all supermarkets; it is a product derived from the wheat grain, similar to cous cous (which is Turkish), but coarser. If you can’t find bulgur wheat in your local supermarket, try it with couscous or even with rice. The outcome will be equally enjoyable!


20 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Put the bulgur wheat on to cook in salted water for the time suggested on the packet (usually 10 minutes). While you are cooking, make the sauce: cut all the vegetables into small cubes (remove the seeds from the tomatoes) and mix with the black olives, parsley and chopped mint. Add the cumin, salt, sugar, lime and lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. Once the bulgur is ready, cool it under cold running water. Mix everything together and you’ll have a fabulously fresh and tasty tabbouleh!

To enjoy your tabbouleh to the utmost, and to get the most flavour, you can use your favourite vegetables – replacing the cucumbers, for example, with other seasonal salad vegetables from your garden.
Tabbouleh is a dish that belongs to the gastronomic traditions of various countries of the Middle East, including Israel, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

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