Greek salad

After we have gorged ourselves on those more substantial dishes so dear to our heart, it is important to alternate with a light and healthy meal, not just to stay in shape but also because excess is never a friend of healthy eating, it is not balanced, nor ideal for our general well-being. Today’s specialty comes from one of the Mediterranean countries that share with Italy some of the perfect ingredients for a healthy diet: Greek salad, a riot of colours, aromas and flavours that win us over with its simplicity. Thanks to its climate, in fact, Greece can boast a rich variety of high quality vegetables, which ripen beautifully and naturally, offering an abundance of flavour. Are you ready to re-live the charm of a Greek holiday by serving up a wonderful and genuine Greek salad?


15 minutes Total time
Serves 2 persons
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For a real Greek salad you must cut the tomatoes into large irregular sized chunks. Cut the cucumbers into thick round slices, and the onion and bell pepper into julienne strips. You can either chop up the feta into medium sized cubes, or leave it whole and serve it on top, in a rustic style. Mix all the ingredients together, salting lightly. Serve on a plate or in a bowl by placing the salad vegetables on the bottom and then some olives and feta on top, sprinkled with plenty of oregano and good drizzle of olive oil!

If you prefer white onion, it’s fine to use it instead of red; also for the olives – you can substitute green for the black if you wish.
The main character of this Greek salad is inevitably feta cheese, whose name comes from originally from the Italian ‘fetta’ meaning slice, a reference to its packaged shape of a thick slab.

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