Asian salad

Every now and then, even during a lunch made from traditional ingredients, it's nice to have a salad at some point during the meal, to refresh the palate between one course and another. We often make a simple green salad for this purpose, though for a long time the fashion has been to make mixed salads with fresh, diced green apple, crunchy and just tart enough to able to cleanse the palate and allowing you to enjoy the rest of your meal all the more. The salad that we propose today is inspired by Eastern and Asian cuisine. The combination of radicchio, kiwi and cucumbers is original and delicious, fresh and crunchy at the same time. Meanwhile, the sauce made with soy sauce, umeboshi sauce and black sesame seeds gives a touch of the orient and is extremely fragrant, offering a new and original taste. A salad, as we mentioned, perfect to be served between courses to refresh the palate or, alternatively, to be served at the start of a ‘fusion’ lunch or dinner as tasty appetizer.


  • trevisano radicchio 50 grams Mixed
  • kiwi 30 grams
  • cucumbers 30 grams
  • black sesame 2 grams
  • 712 5 millilitres
  • soy sauce 5 millilitres
  • extra virgin olive oil 5 millilitres

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10 minutes Total time
Serves 1 person
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Wash and clean the radicchio. Cut into thin slices, then cut the cucumber into strips. Peel the kiwi and cut into little cubes. Mix the radicchio with the kiwi and cucumber and season with the Umeboshi sauce, soy sauce, oil and sesame seeds.

If you have bought some kiwi fruit to make this recipe and they are not yet ripe, leave them for a day or so in a bowl along with the apples and they will ripen more quickly.
‘Umeboshi’ sauce is a typical condiment of Japanese cuisine made from plums. "Ume" actually means plums in Japanese. Is obtained by macerating the plums in salt, then adding a natural dye derived from an aromatic plant called ‘shiso’.

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