Mustard is one of the most famous condiments for the preparation of meat-based dishes, which with its yellow ocher color and strong taste helps to make every dish tasty. The famous sauce made with the seeds of this herbaceous plant is certainly known for being a French specialty, keeping in mind that among the most popular mustards in the world there is certainly that of the city of Dijon. Characterized by a relatively low caloric intake, mustard should however be eaten in moderation as it has the undesirable effect of significantly irritating the intestine.

Use in cooking

The preparations in which mustard is most commonly used are those based on meat, where it acts as a condiment with a pleasant taste: it can also be used to prepare sauces such as vinaigrette.


The mustard, if in seeds, can be preserved in vinegar: the leaves, however, in the refrigerator or freezer and, finally, the mustard cream can be preserved in the refrigerator.


The use of mustard seeds to remove bad odors from hands or even from dishes and crockery is very widespread.

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