Avignon baguette

We don’t always have to use the most complicated or affected recipes when having a dinner party, or despair because we can’t find certain ingredients or because we fail to use them in a way that gets a gastronomic result up to our expectations. In many cases, just by buying a simple baguette and some tasty and inviting ingredients such as ‘bresaola’ dried beef, radishes or mustard, it is easy to create a dish distinguished by taste rather than appearance. In fact, this recipe is nothing more than the excellent ‘Avignon’ baguette: step-by-step, following our advice, you will not have any difficulty preparing a perfect recipe for gourmet lovers of good food. Are you ready to make a tasty and inviting snack ‘on-the-fly’? The only other thing to do is buy something decent to drink ….


  • mustard Whole grain Dijon
  • coppa di Parma
  • parsley
  • radish
  • bread Baguette
10 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Prepare a topping of coarsely chopped radishes and parsley, and mix them with mustard. Spread the sauce on a toasted baguette and add a slice of ‘bresaola’ or ‘Coppa di Parma’ to each serving.

In order not to get just the right flavour for your Avignon baguette, feel free to fill it with your favourite meats, such as Parma ham or, alternatively, ‘bresaola’ dried beef.
The baguette, although it has a French name, is not originally from that country: in fact, it was made for the first time in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Step by step

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