Chickpea hamburger

Chickpea hamburgers are a lovely alternative to the more traditional meat hamburger. The whole family will really love them, and they are very light and tasty. You can also make them in advance, because they are great reheated. Serve them as you prefer: alongside a mixed salad, or in a bread roll or sandwich, maybe with some slices of tomato and lettuce, or with coleslaw, as we did.


15 minutes Total time
7 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Cook the chickpeas. Beat together all the ingredients until the mixture is thick and coarse. Shape into burgers, cook on a griddle and serve them either with a salad or in a bread roll.

Make sure that the mixture is not too soft otherwise the chickpea burger will disintegrate. Adjust the stronger flavours to taste, namely the shallot, mustard and ground ginger.
There are some handy utensils that allow you to make the perfect burger in no time. Alternatively, just use a simple pastry ring.

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