The pea plant is native to Asia and, in particular, is Indian: it therefore arrived in the Old Continent during the seventeenth century, thanks to the Arians. At present, around the world, as many as 250 different varieties of this legume are cultivated, each of which differs in colour, with peas being mainly green, then yellow in tone and, finally, white. These legumes were already widespread within Greek and Roman societies, although the maximum period of splendor, which decreed their important success, coincided with the reign of Louis XIV.

Use in cooking

There are many preparations in which peas can also find space as main ingredients: they can be eaten with carrots or onions, as indeed, they are ideal for creating tasty first courses, especially if enjoyed with cream and ham. Peas are also often used to prepare soups and various side dishes.


Preserving fresh peas is particularly simple: simply blanch them for a couple of minutes, then place them in the freezer.


Peas are particularly appreciated for their very low cholesterol and starch content, which makes them very low in calories.
This ingredient also provides recipes with peas in pods e peas.

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