The virtues of saffron are truly many and, over the centuries, it has managed to gain a prominent place in the cuisine and in people's eating habits, since it was also considered a real aphrodisiac, as well as being a a valid ally against cholesterol, high blood pressure and, finally, it also promotes digestion. This spice with such a characteristic taste is ideal for savoring dishes such as risottos, or even the classic paella and, why not, second courses based on veal, as well as some dishes based on shellfish and, finally, particular desserts.

Use in cooking

Saffron can be used both to prepare tasty first courses based on rice and pasta, as well as to create second courses based on veal.


The best way to preserve saffron for a long time is to store it in an airtight container, protected from light and heat.


Saffron, which currently has a rather high value, already represented a precious commodity in Antiquity: Charlemagne, for example, used it for trade.

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