spreadable cheese

Of the spreadable cheese, although the most well-known ones in the collective imagination are mainly industrially produced and are placed alongside big brands such as Philadelphia, there are many Italian varieties, such as squacquerone, mascarpone, ricotta or robiola. These latter dairy products, in fact, lend themselves without too much difficulty to being spread on bread or even to enrich many other traditional recipes, starting for example from first courses up to more complex second courses.

Use in cooking

Among the various uses of spreadable cheese in the kitchen, one cannot fail to mention that of the preparation of first courses, as well as desserts such as cheesecake, a typical American cake.


The spreadable cheese should be stored in a hermetically sealed package in the refrigerator for a few days.


One of the strangest and most particular ingredients is undoubtedly spreadable cheese: the latter is often used to prepare first courses or even desserts.

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