Three Mediterranean canapés

Sometimes it's really nice to discover some quick and tasty recipes to prepare when hunger strikes, but you really don’t want to work in the kitchen - maybe because the summers seem more and more tropical. So today’s recipe is for three "Mediterranean canapés", as we called them. We concocted three different flavour combinations, funny and charming, that you can show off either before a lovely dinner in the garden, or during a trip to somewhere special or, finally, as part of a picnic in the park. But don’t fail to follow your imagination when it comes to toppings: we will give you some ideas, but it is very important that you follow your own tastes and desires, using the ingredients you have available in your fridge. But now let’s see how our chef has prepared our Mediterranean canapés...


30 minutes Total time
Serves 3 persons
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Make the three sauces. Tomatoes: cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters, chop the olives and combine in a small bowl, then dress with oil, salt and sugar and basil torn with your fingers. Serve with a slice of smoked ricotta. Courgette and prawn: cut the courgette into big dice, cut the spring onion into slices and gently fry in a saucepan with oil and water. Blitz everything together with an electric hand blender adding the previously peeled prawns and the herbs. Cook for another 3 minutes. Cheese and herbs: chop all the herbs finely with the spring onion and mix well together with the cream cheese. Serve your trio of Mediterranean canapés on toasted bread.

The canapés can be made with a slice of toasted bread, or perhaps focaccia or even a fried polenta slice ... choose your favourite base!
If you want to keep your Mediterranean canapés, you should put them in the fridge on a plate covered with cling film, but remember to eat them within a day.

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