Taggiasca olives

Among the different types of olives, the Taggiasca olives manage to gain a prominent place in Italian cuisine due to their particular pleasantness on the palate, essentially due to the very low level of acidity, which imposes them as a standard for all those who want to savor, for example, a tastier appetizer than usual. Taggiasca olives are also particularly rich in high quality oil, which is characterized by a flavor and aroma with particularly marked fruity notes, which also make it ideal for embellishing slightly less valuable oils.

Use in cooking

The role of Taggiasca olives in the kitchen is multiple: in addition to being used to prepare an excellent extra virgin olive oil, they are used to prepare dishes or for tasty aperitifs.


Taggiasca olives, like most other olives, must be preserved in brine, in well-sealed jars which are stored in a dark, cool and dry place.


From a historical point of view, the beginning of production - and the simultaneous harvesting - of Taggiasca olives took place in the territories between Seborga and Taggia.

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