Genoan Focaccia

This recipe is part of a series devoted to methods of indirect baking. The focaccia presented here is prepared using a particular form of starter dough. Basically you create the starter dough with water, yeast and strong flour, and allow it to rise. After a little less than 24 hours you ‘cut’ this new dough and let it rise again. This is a quick summary of the procedure; in the recipe you will find more details. As for the focaccia: having learnt how to prepare the starter dough and then how to use it to make a base for focaccia or crispy pizza, finally you use the dough left to rise the day before to prepare this fabulous focaccia with olives. The lesson is given by our friend Renato Bosco ... so, let him continue!


  • starter dough for pizza 1000 grams
  • black olives 300 grams
  • extra virgin olive oil 70 millilitres
  • sea salt 12 grams
15 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 5 persons
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Grease a baking sheet. Roll out the dough and create dimples with your fingers. Place the batter into the pan then drizzle with plenty of extra virgin olive oil. Add plenty of olives and a little sea salt. Place the bread in oven at 240 °C for 10 minutes.

Never cover your starter dough: contact with the air, specifically with oxygen, allows a proper acidification of the dough.
This starter dough is known as ‘poolish’ in Italy, apparently because the technique for making the dough in question was tried for the first time in Poland.

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