King prawn kebabs

There is nothing more exciting than going on a voyage of discovery to the most treasured and appetizing seafood recipes, ones where the fish are prepared with an eye to tradition, without giving up in any way the unique taste of dishes that, if prepared carefully, impress with their sheer deliciousness. Our suggested recipe today is a tasty dish of prawn kebab prepared on a griddle pan, served quickly cooked, because with this method you’ll savour more of the rustic excellence of the prawns, prepared with just the right amount of seasoning - and garner the applause of your diners! Are you ready to offer even the most discerning of palates all the flavour of this versatile dish, perfect for any occasion from a summer dinner in the garden with friends, to a rather more refined lunch served to some special guests ?


  • prawns 4 king prawns per skewer (then multiply the for the number you need)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • polenta As an accompaniment
15 minutes Total time
Serves 1 person
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Clean and shell the prawns but keep the last part of the shell that is attached to the tail in order to give the prawns a better shape. Attach the prawns to the skewers one by one, by passing them first through the tail and then through the head. On a plate sprinkle the skewers with sea salt and ground pepper. Oil the kebabs and put them on a flat, very hot frying pan (or on a griddle plate). Now the trick is to cook for just the right length of time. Just a minute and a half on each side should be fine !!! Finish cooking, and serve your delicious prawn kebabs on a bed of hot, moist polenta.

Do you want to really enjoy the flavour of your prawn kebabs? Then choose a good white wine, like a Catarratto or even a top notch prosecco.
Do you know how to recognize a properly fresh prawn? When you buy them, take care that there are no black spots on the head or abdomen!

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