Who among you, friends of cooking recipes, has never eaten dishes prepared with broth? The latter is prepared using aromatic herbs, vegetables, as well as various types of meat and fish, creating the so-called "stewed dishes", a typical characteristic of some preparations which are served in a particular way during the winter season, perhaps also accompanied by fairly substantial side dishes. The broth can be made from ingredients such as chicken, beef, scorpion fish, onions, celery and carrots and, why not, even jujubes.

Use in cooking

The role of broth in cooking is multiple: it is used to prepare soups, meats and fish of all kinds, with preparations that differ from each other due to the addition of various other secondary ingredients.


The broth can be stored, once the vegetables have been filtered, in a container that can be placed in the fridge or freezer: in the first case, the duration is limited to a few days, while in the second, about a month.


According to tradition, the origin of the broth recipe should be sought in Turkish soil.

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