Spinach risotto

Spinach risotto is a rather unusual way of persuading those who don't usually like vegetables to give spinach a try. The combination of rice and spinach with the addition of a generous handful of grated cheese make this main course very creamy and flavourful. If you like the idea of eating it with a spoon you can keep it rather more "soupy"; also, if you use a cheese which is not too strongly-flavoured, you will find that even the youngest children will really enjoy it.


  • rice 200g of wholegrain rice
  • spinach 200g of boiled spinach, liquid squeezed out
  • onions a piece of white onion
  • stock
  • salt
  • nutmeg
  • oil
  • cheese 30g of grated cheese

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40 minutes Total time
30 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Brown the onion in a little olive oil. Add the wholegrain rice and stir in the hot oil until well coated and then add the white wine and reduce. Add the boiled spinach which has been drained well and then chopped up, adding a pinch of salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Continue adding the stock bit by bit, stirring all the time, until the rice is cooked. Off the heat, stir in a generous handful of your favourite grated cheese. Serve.

You can mix in many different types of cheese to this delicious recipe: from burrata to the most highly flavoured and mature cheese that you can find!
When you think of spinach, Popeye is probably the first person that springs to mind, the famous sailor who acquires great physical strength after eating a can of spinach.

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