Celery is an important herb that also grows spontaneously within our country, especially in all marshy areas, and is used in particular to prepare meat-based second courses: usually, this herb reaches a height of between the meter, although this largely depends on the variety. The most common celery is the dulce type, while another highly appreciated variety is celeriac and, in conclusion, the wild variety is chosen by those who want to give a strong flavor to their dishes.

Use in cooking

Celery can be enjoyed raw or cooked in different ways, such as, for example, boiled together with meat, or together with carrots and onions for sautéing.


Celery can be stored safely in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator, even if the crunchiness reduces over time.


In our country, celery is generally sold in a particular white variant, which is characterized by greater tenderness and sweetness.

Recipe list