Steamed sea bass with pickled vegetables

This recipe will surprise you with its simplicity and lightness. It takes just a few minutes to make - a quarter of an hour at the most - and the result is extraordinary, as long as you prepare it with the highest quality ingredients. Make sure the fish is fresh - exceptionally fresh! - and that the pickled veg is hand-made and of the highest quality. To finish, use a lovely extra virgin olive oil, salt, lemon and fresh parsley. Serve it in individual portions, as we did, giving each of your guests two bass fillets.


  • sea bass Two filleted sea bass
  • 773 A jar of pickled vegetables
  • cherry tomatoes
  • Tropea red onions
  • oil
  • celery
  • lemon
  • salt
  • pepper
  • parsley
15 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Carefully fillet the sea bass. Prepare the water in the steamer with celery, peppercorns, salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Steam the bass for 10 minutes. Meanwhile chop up the cherry tomatoes and finely slice the onion. When the bass fillets are cooked, arrange them on a plate together with the pickled vegetables, fresh tomatoes and onion slices. Finish with a drizzle of oil and lemon and sprinkle with fresh parsley and salt. Serve warm.

If you don't like onion you could, say, add a few capers instead.
Using a steamer ensures that no fat is added whilst cooking; it is therefore a very healthy cooking method.

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