Cod stew

Cod stew represents a really healthy meal for the whole family. Choose small, fresh cod and arrange them all in the same pan with the sauce. If you want, you can transform this excellent main course into a sauce to mix with pasta. Otherwise, fillet the cods and serve with a side dish of potatoes. The recipe also lends itself to the preparation of other types of fish such as the economical and healthy mackerel.


20 minutes Total time
14 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Cut the onion and celery into large cubes, then fry over low heat in a frying pan. Add the olives, capers and white wine, then reduce the wine. After a few minutes, when the alcohol has evaporated but the sauce is still quite liquid, add the tomato passata. Season with salt, then add the cod to the sauce. Cover, cook for 7 minutes, then turn the fish over and finish cooking for another 7 minutes.

If you choose small cod you can make this recipe with one whole fish for each person.
The flesh of the cod is white and has very little fat. It is excellent for children but also for those on a diet.

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