Even though its name and certain nuances of flavor might bring to mind the onion, chives are much more delicate and balanced, therefore proving to be more ideal for the preparation of a large number of dishes, starting from fish and meat, then passing through various sauces and, finally, also into various dairy products. Chives can grow easily throughout Italy, even in the coldest areas, and make their characteristic leaves available at any time - which are the truly fragrant part of the aromatic herb.

Use in cooking

There are many recipes in which chives can be used: from fresh products such as cheeses, which are well flavoured, to second courses based on fish and meat, as well as in soups of various types.


The vegetable drawer inside the fridge is the ideal place to store chives, for a period not exceeding a few days.


Chives are characterized by their notable properties for the benefit of the organism, such as, for example, the ability to purify it while also stimulating diuresis.

Recipe list