Baked monkfish

The monkfish is found in the Mediterranean as well as the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea. Its meat is lean and delicate taste and is ideal for various types of recipe: you could try monkfish stew, monkfish as a pasta sauce or, as we present here, baked monkfish which is particularly tasty and easy to prepare. This baked monkfish is combined with the simple flavour of potatoes, onions and tomatoes, for a delicious main course or even as a single course fish supper. You could make it for a dinner with friends and family and impress them this succulent fish; it's also great for children who, with this particular combination of ingredients, will eat the potatoes which they adore, accompanied by some healthy fish rich in nutrients. So let's get to work and make this superb monkfish with the help of the photo gallery – it will be a breeze!


120 minutes Total time
90 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Descale and clean the monkfish, add salt and fill it with herbs. Cut the tomatoes into chunks and dice the potatoes and add salt. Oil everything well and let it stand for half an hour to develop the flavours. Bake at 180°C degrees for 90 mins.

When you purchase monkfish buy it whole, including the head, so as to guarantee its freshness. The smell should be gentle and pleasant. It should be firm to the touch, its appearance shiny rather than dull, and the flesh should be of a pinkish colour. Like all fish, it should be eaten or frozen immediately after purchase.
The monkfish is much prized and therefore is typically quite expensive. Among the species of monkfish one can most commonly find at market are Lophius piscatorius and Lophius budegassa. It is a fish available throughout the year but with a decrease in numbers during summer.

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