The lemon is the fruit of the tree that bears the same name. It is a citrus fruit with a particularly sour, yet aromatic flavour. It finds its greatest diffusion and notoriety in Sicily, although it can be found throughout the Mediterranean basin since its introduction during 1200 BC. In cooking it is used in particular as a condiment, for marinating, for blending instead of or in combination with wine, and in mayonnaise. Both the zest and the juice are used in pastry making, to flavor and perfume creams and doughs, but also more simply to season fruit salads.

Use in cooking

Lemon can be used to prepare desserts, also through the use of the zest, just as it can be used as a condiment if squeezed.


The old (and infallible) system for preserving lemons consists of soaking them in a container, changing the water regularly.


Lemon was introduced into Europe around 1200 BC, being used not only for cooking but also as a disinfectant.

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