Almond tart

The almond tart is a delicious dessert from the Italian pastry-making tradition. It’s a variant of the classic tart which is usually filled with a jam, whereas in this version it has a delicious creamy filling in which almonds and lemon blend perfectly the delicacy of the ricotta. It’s ideal for breakfast, but also for children's snacks or as a delicious dessert... your guests will be delighted by the contrast of crunchy pastry with creamy and fragrant filling. The almond tart is simple to make but very satisfying, popular with adults and children alike. It’s a dessert that can be made with your children, who will enjoy helping you to decorate it in any way you choose. In this version we have made a classic lattice-style decoration, but you can indulge your artistic creativity. Serve your tart with a sprinkling of icing sugar.


  • Italian 00 flour 250 grams
  • sugar 100 grams
  • icing sugar 50 grams
  • eggs 3 units
  • ricotta cheese 250 grams
  • lemon The zest of an organic lemon
  • almonds 100 grams
  • butter 100 grams
  • salt A pinch of salt
75 minutes Total time
45 minutes Active time
Serves 6 persons
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Prepare all the ingredients. Beat 100g of butter with 100g of sugar. Add 1 egg yolk and a pinch of salt. Work the mixture with your hands while adding the flour, and knead well. Form a ball, wrap it in cling film and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. Grate the lemon zest. Prepare the almond cream by mixing the ricotta with 50g of icing sugar, ground almonds, one egg and the lemon zest. Stir the mixture carefully. Take the dough out of the refrigerator and roll it out thinly with the help of a little flour and a rolling pin. Line a greased and floured baking tin with the pastry dough, keeping aside a little for decorations. Fill with the almond cream. Cut out strips of dough and place them on the tart as decoration. Bake for about 45 minutes at 170°C. Serve the almond tart when it is completely cooled.

Use only organic lemons and be careful not to use the white pithy part of the outer section of the lemon, which is very bitter.
The almond is obviously the seed of the almond tree and is widely used in Italian cooking, especially from Sicily, and lends itself to both sweet and savoury dishes.

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