Steamed prawns with tomato and basil jelly

It’s normal to hesitate before trying a recipe involving steamed food, or to think that it is only suitable for someone on a special diet. And it’s certainly true that steaming involves fat-free cooking and is therefore ideal for those looking to stay in shape. However, healthy eating is not synonymous with bland eating. This recipe for steamed prawns with tomato jelly and basil is proof of that, and demonstrates how steaming can be tasty as well as an extremely up-to-date cooking method. Serve your prawns in small portions and you'll make a great impression! Also, this recipe shows us, once again, that the less you do to fish when cooking them, the more delicious they will be!


  • prawns 400 grams Shelled
  • tomatoes 150 grams
  • basil 110 grams
  • water 600 millilitres
  • gelatine 16 grams
  • extra virgin olive oil 50 millilitres
  • lemon
  • onions 50 grams
  • salt
20 minutes Total time
2 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Take the gelatine and soften it in 500 g of cold water and dissolve in a bowl over some gently simmering water (or in a bain-marie). Add the pureed onion, half the dissolved gelatine and a pinch of salt to the tomato passata, pour into a mould and refrigerate. Blanch, cool and blend 100g of basil with 100 g of water, add the remaining gelatine, some salt, and pour into a mould and refrigerate. Steam the prawns for 2 minutes. Place the remaining basil and prawns in a bowl, garnish with the tomato jelly and basil, and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil mixed with lemon.

Don’t forget to clean your prawns well, removing the intestinal ‘vein’.
King prawns are rich in vitamin A and D, while, on the contrary, normal prawns contains mainly sodium and virtually zero vitamins.

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