Toast with creamed porcini mushrooms, and truffles, carpaccio and courgettes

When you think of a toast it’s usually in terms of classic white bread filled with ham and cheese, great for a quick lunch. But sometimes it can be a revelation if you change the filling, and customize your toast sandwich with other tasty and, perhaps, unusual ingredients. In this case, the combination of beef carpaccio and crispy courgette is perfect for an out of the ordinary sandwich – and, moreover, we have made it yet more fragrant and delicious through the introduction of a fabulous cream of porcini and truffles: this lightly sweet mixture makes our sandwich pleasantly soft and tasty, transforming a rustic snack into an elegant meal!


  • sandwich loaf Two slices of sandwich bread
  • cream Two tablespoons of creamed porcini mushroom and white truffle
  • carpaccio 4 or 5 slices of very fresh beef carpaccio
  • courgettes One fresh and crispy courgette
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • lemon
  • salt
  • pepper
10 minutes Total time
2 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Lightly toast some slices of bread. Spread them with the creamed porcini mushrooms and white truffle. Dress your carpaccio lightly with a little olive oil and salt and add them to the toast. Thinly slice the courgettes and dress with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper – stir it all together so well coated. Add the courgettes to your toast. Make a sandwich by covering with another slice of toast, and enjoy.

If you like this dressing you can also use it as a sandwich filling, and the sandwich won’t be so dry
Whereas in English ‘toast’ is simply a lightly grilled slice of bread, in Italian it has come to mean a sandwich made from slices of toast

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