Nutella undoubtedly represents one of the most widespread ingredients throughout Italy when it comes to the preparation of desserts for both breakfast and snacks, considering how this hazelnut spread offers incredible flexibility in use, with excellent results. more or less delicious confectionery. Created in 1964 by Michele Ferrero, Nutella is nothing more than a reinterpretation of gianduja cream, and the most important ingredients of this spreadable cream are cocoa and hazelnuts.

Use in cooking

In the collective imagination of many children, Nutella undoubtedly represents the ideal snack or breakfast: this spreadable cream is also used to create desserts of all kinds, starting from cakes, brownies and sweets.


Nutella can be stored in the refrigerator, especially after having been opened, as well as in the cupboard.


Nutella was patented by the Italian company Ferrero in 1964, being prepared on the basis of a gianduja cream.

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