The walnut is the fruit of the plant of the same name whose ancient origins are Asian: the beneficial properties of the latter have been rediscovered recently, with some studies indicating it as ideal for combating negative cholesterol. From a caloric point of view, the walnut has a truly remarkable contribution, and mainly contains an important quantity of mineral salts and fatty acids. It can be eaten both as a fruit alone and, moreover, it can be used as a particular ingredient to create tasty and refined dishes, especially if combined with special sauces.

Use in cooking

Walnuts are consumed in many different ways: extracting them from the drupes to eat them as fruit, or to prepare cakes, fillings, first and second courses of different nature.


Walnuts can be stored without problems in glass jars stored in a cool and above all dry place.


The walnut is a real concentrate of substances that are optimal for nature, which help reduce the amount of negative cholesterol.

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