Mixed salad of grapes and goat’s cheese

A good lunch or dinner, eaten in good company during the summer, and that has been created with an attention to detail that makes all the difference for those who love perfection in the kitchen – such a meal must have as its conclusion something refreshing to beautifully round off an exquisite meal. We suggest something lovely and refreshing, with many well-balanced flavours, a delicious salad prepared with leaves, crunchy grapes, luscious fresh goat’s cheese, and maybe some walnuts. How about a recipe that delivers crispness, freshness and flavours, and which will marry perfectly with a main course of meat and fish, such as a roast dinner?


  • mixed salad leaves 300 grams
  • walnut 100 grams
  • grapes A bunch of large white grapes
  • grapes A bunch of red or black grapes
  • goat's cheese A piece of fresh goat’s cheese
  • extra virgin olive oil To taste
  • balsamic vinegar To taste
15 minutes Total time
Serves 2 persons
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Clean the salad; shell the nuts and roughly chop them. Wash and clean the grapes, then divide each grape in half and remove the seeds. Dress the salad with a little olive oil, salt and a reduction obtained by boiling down briefly some balsamic vinegar. Serve the salad with a few pieces of fresh goat’s cheese.

To prepare a really good salad, we suggest you buy grapes with a strong flavour.
Did you know that goat’s cheese has properties which make it more suited to those who suffer from slight intolerance to milk protein and fat?

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