There is no pasta originating from Southern Italy that has a popularity comparable to that of the Apulian Orecchiette: made by hand, starting from a semolina-based flour, the Orecchiette - remember that it is fresh pasta - is wrinkled at the right point and are characterized by having a thickness that tapers towards the center of the dough itself. The most famous recipe for orecchiette is undoubtedly the one with turnip tops, although they are also cooked with broccoli or in many other tasty variations, as this pasta format is also ideal for sauce-based combinations, since the sauce remains well imprisoned on the wrinkled surface.

Use in cooking

Apulian Orecchiette are mainly used to create tasty first courses with the tastiest and healthiest condiments.


Traditional Orecchiette are a fresh pasta that can be kept in the fridge for a few days: alternatively, you can freeze them for a couple of months.


Although most experts agree that orecchiette are unquestionably an Apulian specialty, their origins date back to ancient Rome.

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